Géraldine, Logistics Assistant

17 April 2020

We usually introduce our athletes… But today we would like to introduce our team. To better understand the needs of our athletes, we are first and foremost Pilots, but not only! Let’s start with Geraldine, our Logistics Assistant📦



My name is Géraldine Outran (Gégé). I’m 32 years old, have been in a relationship for 8 years and we’re about to have a baby. I also have 2 dogs, Robby and Joy. Based at the office in Cysoing, I live in the north of France, in Faumont.

Graduated with a Master’s Degree in “agribusiness”, I started my career in this sector. I wanted to work in animal nutrition. Then, I started working in wholesale distribution before joining Horse Pilot 4 years ago.

Your role at Horse Pilot


I work for Horse Pilot as a Logistics Assistant. I’m in charge of orders shipments, tracking (France – Europe and Export) and imports. I also manage the warehouse, the organization and the arrivals of merchandises, stock management, inventories. In addition to this, I also manage the transport department (tracking of transporters, customs).

Your relationship to horseback riding


I’ve been riding since I’m 6 years old. My favorite discipline: show jumping. I didn’t take part to many competitions ( just a few when I got my Galop 7 in 2003). To tell you the truth, I’m not much into competitions. I prefer working in an arena, quietly! I never wanted to have my own horse because I always had the chance to ride horses of owners. So I’ve ridden a lot of different horses, at very good levels.

More recently, I started to practice carriage driving as a groom.

But now I have to take a long break for my pregnancy!

Several horses have marked me: Golfeuse – Fiona VH Lindenhof and more recently Brume de Chablis. Horses that taught me a lot, about horses, about riding, about myself.

I have a lot of anecdotes, by the way… I had a head injury when I fell with my mare. I broke my nose on horseback trying to cope with a feisty stallion! I broke my meniscus trying to put a boot on a horse… and I kept riding with my leg blocked at 90°!


Your passion for sports


I practice cycling (mountain biking and road) with my spouse who is a cycling enthusiast. I like being outside!!

Your favorite horse pilot outfit


My favorite outfit are the X-Balance breeches for its comfort, design and color range, the Revolution t-shirt for its comfortable fabric and its breathability (perfect for summer), the light storm jacket, perfect on horseback or on foot, I love its cut and design.

Your inspiring quote


“Enjoy every day in a good mood!”

Your favorite sounds

  • I Follow Rivers – LYKKE LI
  • Zoology – PUPPET MASTAZ
  • Je Danse Le Mia – IAM
  • Fade Out Lines – THE AVENER
  • Les Lacs Du Connemara – MICHEL SARDOU (timeless 😉)


You can discover them in the playlist “Team Horse Pilot”.


Many thanks to Geraldine for this interview. A new presentation is coming soon!