Portrait of a pilot : who is Pauline Nonnotte ?

9 November 2023 ,

Who am I?

Hello everyone! My name is Pauline Nonnotte and I’m 33. I’m married with a 19-month-old daughter and I live in the Lille countryside. All my studies have been plant-related: I’ve got a BTSA in plant production, a BP in floristry and the title of Interior Landscape Technician.

My year studying in Paris was the most memorable of my professional experiences: I had the opportunity to work for stars (decorating fashion shows, planting the interiors of their homes) but also in unusual places (Stade de France, Champs Elysées etc.). It was a superb year, which taught me to be rigorous and resourceful.

I’ve been working at Horse Pilot since September 2022.
After the arrival of my daughter, I decided to change jobs. Thanks to the equestrian network, I was put in touch with Simon who was looking for reinforcements for his transport and logistics team!
Eager to try new things and passionate about riding, I didn’t hesitate for a second when I had the opportunity to join Team Horse Pilot.

Your role at Horse Pilot

At Horse Pilot, I’m Logistics and Transport Coordinator. My main mission is to ensure that your parcel leaves the warehouse and reaches you in the best possible conditions, whether in France or abroad.
So I take care of the customs formalities required for major exports. This requires regular and assiduous monitoring to avoid delivery delays as much as possible.

Your relationship with horses

Horses are my whole life! I’ve been riding since the age of 8 and got my first mare, Fleur, when I was 10. We took part in a few competitions together, but over the years we only went for rides because she was suffering from emphysema. Today she’s 30 years old and peacefully enjoying her retirement with her shetland friends. Her lungs have actually recovered thanks to life in pasture!

Pauline Nonnotte Lille

Your passion for sport

I do pilates and stretching when my schedule as a young mum allows. It allows you to discover muscles you never knew you had.

Your favourite Horse Pilot outfit

I love the Storm jacket un black, which I find very elegant and extremely pleasant to wear, as well as the X-Design pants for its unimaginable range of colours.

Your inspirational phrase

Happiness is not having everything you want, but appreciating what you have.” – Paulo Coelho

Your favourite music

The last 3 tracks on Horse Pilot playlist are :

  • Chasing Pavements – Adèle
  • Viva la vida – Coldplay
  • Shallow – Lady Gaga & Bradler Cooper


Many thanks Pauline and see you soon for another pilot presentation!