Chiara, Product Manager at Horse Pilot

13 April 2021

Horse Pilot Team will soon have no more secrets for you. It is Chiara’s turn, Product Manager-Coordinator at Horse Pilot, to answer our questions.



My name is Chiara Gruneisen, I live in Marseille, I am 35 years old and I have been married for almost 3 years. 

I started my studies with an Advanced Technician’s Certificate in flexible materials, then I entered a professional degree on textile products creation and development.

Thereafter, I began to work for an company from Marseille, specialized in ready-to-wear clothing in fax, for 1 year. I was Product Developer and assisted the Product Manager in all of his missions. 

After this experience, I wanted to continue my education. So I went for a Master’s degree specialized in economy-management focused on fashion jobs.

At the end of my internship, I joined the company ‘Millet Mountain Group’, in Annecy, working for the outdoor brand ‘Eider’ (ski-hike-trek). I started with product development, then I moved on to Product Manager, first on the accessories range and finally on a clothing range for major distributors.

I left the company after 2 years and a half to get closer to my home. It was at this moment that Horse Pilot came into my life. I am currently Product Manager and Coordinator for the brand. I have been a Pilot for a year and a half now!

Your role at horse pilot


As a Product Manager, I am responsible for the construction and implementation of the Collection Plan, by observing the brand’s ambition, profitability and strategic goals, from the collection development to its implementation on the market. In these circumstances, I am led to have functions linked to commercial, marketing and logistic departments.

As a Product Coordinator, I manage the Product Service by taking into account the company’s goals in terms of timing. I make sure that collections arrive at the right time at the right place.

Chiara Citation EN e1618304338436

your relationship to horseback riding


I love horses. I am not a rider but I am very interested in this sport. I rely a lot on the experience and opinions of our ambassadors riders. This universe is not unknown. Today, the needs in terms of technicity and innovation awaited by the riders are very close to what it’s done in sport in general: running, cycling, skiing, hiking… So I can put all my experience at the Pilots’ service!

your passion for sports


I play a lot of different sports: running, boxing, skiing and surfing. Sadly, I am not allowed to practice horse riding because of a car accident.

I am interested in every sport: ski, biathlon, athleticism, water sports…

your favorite horse pilot outfit


The Element Jacket, the Tempest sweatshirt and the Optimax t-shirt… I tried them on during the shooting of the Transhumance and they are really great! By the way, I run with the Optimax and the Tempest without any problem!

your inspiring quote


“ What does not passionate me, bothers me.” Sacha Guitry


your favorite sounds

  • Air – La Femme d’argent
  • Labi Siffre – I got the (long version)
  • Beastie Boy – Alright Hear This
  • Led Zeppelin – The Battle of Evermore
  • William De Vaughn – Thankful For What You’ve Got



You can discover them in the playlist Team Horse Pilot on Spotify.


Many thanks to Chiara for this interview. A new presentation is coming soon 😊