Cédric Angot, a name but also a first name.

26 January 2018

Regularly present on the most beautiful arenas, Cédric Angot is today an unmissable of French riding.

Seventh in the Grand Prix of CSIO 5* La Baule and winner of the Nation Cup last year or second in the Grand Prix 4* Geesteren … Let’s meet a rider as audacious as friendly.

2018, championships year.

Horse Pilot: The World Equestrian Games (Tryon, USA) and the Mediterranean Games (Tarragona, Spain) will be this year. Do you prepare your season according to these events ?
Cédric Angot: It is always good to set these big deadlines to work in this direction but I do not necessarily think about it. My top list horse (Saxo de la Cour, Ed) was being approached for the Olympic Games two years ago and for the European Championships last year so I know he is in the list for this kind of deadlines. However I prefer to not anticipate too much because when you are ready too early, it is not easy to hold right to the end (laughs).

The goal in a first phase for me is to aim for the beautiful shows and the beautiful selections who Philippe Guerdat will give me access (coach of the France team, ed.). I organize my program around that. The goal is simply to make good work.

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An experienced and promising cavalry

HP: With good results at the CSI 2* Nantes last weekend, Saxo de La Cour and Talent des Moitiers already seem to want to fight in 2018, how is your horses unit organized?

C.A: These two horses are indeed going very well, Talent was third in the first big class of the weekend and Saxo fourth in the Grand Prix. Both will be present at Jumping de Bordeaux next week.

The next generation follows with a good eight years horse, Azard des Sources. He is a son of Calvaro in whom I believe a lot. We will work together crescendo targeting the Pro1 French Championships next June in Fontainebleau.

I also have horses of seven, six and five years who show good qualities but you never know in advance if they will have the mindset to fight in the arena, it is always the question (laughs)!


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From the young horses circuit to the 5* arenas: a pilot on all fronts!

HP: How do you organize the daily life of your stable?
C.A: I work with young horses rider. We take care of the juniors at the beginning of the week at home, except when the SHF circuit will start again.

It is a pyramid, to have good horses of high level it is necessary that the base is broad so do not neglect the deep work of the youngest.

Then I focus more on my top list horses mid-week to prepare them for the weekend of competition, after they have had a few days of fitness: lunge, trotting. It is all about maintaining them between the huge deadlines so that they are in good condition.

“believe in you and your horses”

HP: What advice could you give to young people who want to be professional riders?

C.A: The most important thing, I think, is to believe in yourself and to tell yourself that nothing is unattainable. Young riders always think that the riders who take part of the big classes are superhuman but no. Do not think that it is reserved for an elite, there is the technique of course but it is the mindest who makes the difference.

You have to believe in yourself and in your horses. They are so receptive animals who give you so much. When you think they will not be able to jump five or ten centimeters as usual, well they manage to do it, with work and love. You have to do things in the right order, do not go too fast and listen to your horses. ”
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Horse pilot, A longstanding story

HP: You’re one of the first Pilots of the brand, tell us a little bit about your story with us?

CA: The story is quite funny because it is a friend who does not ride at all who told me about a brand that launched one of his friends, Aurélien Guillon (co-founder of Horse Pilot, ed.). So I tried the first coat and was immediately seduced! These are products very very pleasant and highly technical. It’s simple, I am in the Horse Pilot from morning to evening and from evening to morning, if there were pyjamas I would wear them too (laughs). I like the fact that it is a young team looking to move forward.

With his infectious good humor and his iron will, there is no doubt that the double Pro1 France Champion will get himself talked about for many years. Next step, one of the two upcoming championships? Stay tuned…


© photos : Les déclics de Nicolas Florentin – Info Jumping – Séverine Moronval