Inside the daily lives of young champions at Lamotte-Beuvron: Caroline Saldalamacchia and Paul Colin

13 September 2023 ,

Immerse yourself in the lives of Paul and Caroline, the two young Horse Pilot influencers who have won a 2023 French Championship title! At Lamotte-Beuvron, these emerging talents shone in the Poney 1B and As2 C events.

An obvious passion for riding up to Lamotte-Beuvron

Although Paul and Caroline didn’t grow up in the horse-riding world, their attraction to the sport was an obvious one. “I discovered horse riding in CE1 at the center where I still ride today,” explains Caroline. That’s how the young girl discovered horse riding, but above all the atmosphere of the riding center. “I loved the spirit of the club,” she says. Initially intrigued and fascinated by horses, Caroline definitely fell in love with the sport as soon as she began riding.

For Paul, his fascination with ponies, equestrian competitions and the ambience of the environment also goes back to his earliest years. “Sometimes I’d go to the pony club to watch the horses,” he recalls. It was at the age of 3 that the young boy finally took up horse-riding, a sport he has never left since.

Caroline and Paul’s passion for show jumping quickly took off. This discipline, which combines adrenalin and aesthetics, won over the two young athletes. “Show jumping is beautiful to watch”, they say when asked about their passion.

The daily lives of young athletes

Caroline and Paul’s everyday life is far from ordinary. College students by day, great athletes by night. The two teenagers juggle classes and training every day. Getting up, going to school, doing homework, looking after the ponies, training, going to competitions – it’s a fast-paced life that the two young athletes lead. Between daily care and exercise, each of them spends over 3 hours per training session. It’s this commitment and dedication that enables Paul and Caroline to win competitions and podiums.

Triumphs at the 2023 French Championships at Lamotte-Beuvron

Caroline and Paul recently won titles at the 2023 French Championships at Lamotte-Beuvron. Caroline is French Pony 1B champion with Quota, while Paul is French As2 C champion with Evane. Their success was the fruit of hard work and unshakeable determination.

Caroline, still moved by her victory, confides: “Seeing my pony with the cover ‘Champion de France’ did something to me. It’s every rider’s dream.” For her, the initial goal was to reach the final. The young teenager progressed step by step, gradually getting closer to her dream.

For his part, Paul also felt immense satisfaction after his victory. It wasn’t easy at first,” he recalls, “the first round wasn’t so good.” For him, this French championship title is the fruit of a whole year’s dedication to the sport he loves.

The experience has galvanized them both, giving them the desire to go even further in their future equestrian careers. For Caroline and Paul, these unexpected victories will remain engraved in their memories, reminding them that effort and perseverance are the keys to success in the world of sport.

An ever-present entourage up to Lamotte Beuvron

Caroline and Paul’s success is undoubtedly the result of invaluable support from those closest to them.

For Caroline, riding is an adventure she has shared with her family since the very beginning. Although her parents were initially strangers to this world, they have always accompanied her in her passion. Their presence and support are constant, whether in Caroline’s schooling, her many hours of training or her ever-increasing number of competitions.

As for Paul, the equestrian world was just as unknown to his family. However, his parents were also fully committed, displaying unwavering enthusiasm at his frequent competitions. Their commitment didn’t stop there, as they even invested in the purchase of a stable to support Paul and his little sister’s passion.

Caroline and Paul’s story highlights the crucial importance of the family circle in the daily lives of young riders, reminding us that behind every champion lies an invaluable circle of support.
Effort, perseverance, mutual aid… it’s with complete and relentless hard work that Paul and Caroline get closer, every day, to their biggest dreams.