Yaëlle, Sales Representative at Horse Pilot

18 February 2021

Horse Pilot Team keeps on unveiling itself and today, it is Yaëlle’s turn, Sales Representative at Horse Pilot, to answer our questions.



Hello, my name is Yaëlle, I am 41 and I am Horse Pilot North of France Sales Representative. I live at Bost Stables but I am originally from Thonon Les Bains. I opted for a Commercial diploma in 2 years that I had the chance to do by the Lake Geneva. After I graduated, I worked at LVMH in Geneva (Switzerland), for 10 years. Then my passion for riding and for the equestrian world took over. In 2008, while I was still working, I took part in show jumping every week-end with the 3 horses I owned. This period allowed me to meet a lot of people in this discipline and to be welcomed in the riders’ family. Therefore, I had the opportunity to enter great champions’ most secret backstages.

Your role at horse pilot


I am Horse Pilot North of France Sales Representative. My job is first and foremost to represent Horse Pilot brand and its values to shops as well as during shows, but also to be at the service of my customers and colleagues!

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your relationship to horseback riding


The house where I lived when I was a child was located just in front of stables. Therefore, I saw horses every day. I started horseback riding at 6 and I have never stopped since. There are two horses that left a mark on me: Lecosto and Toro.

Lecosto was 3 when I bought him, on my 20th birthday ! We did everything together: from young horses classes to CSI 2**. He is currently enjoying his retirement since last year. Then, there was Toro, with which I won a “6 bars class” at 1m95 and allowed me to be noticed by Michel Robert. This horse is now in the United States.

Today, I still regularly jump with horses.

your passion for sports


I like being outside. Fontainebleau’s forest is amazing and I like to do walk there. As soon as I have the opportunity, I take my sneakers and I go there for a walk with my dog.

your favorite horse pilot outfit


The Show jumping outfit, white Aerotech jacket and X-Design breeches, because it is sober and chic with a sportive design.

your inspiring quote


“There is always a possibility to have better or to go further !”


I often repeat it to myself because it pushes me to move forward.

your favorite sounds


  • I am what I am – Karen Mulder
  • Kiss Kiss – Parov Stelar
  • Vanille Fraise – L’impératrice
  • Old School Romance – Celestal
  • For Me Formidable – Charles Aznavour



You can discover them in the playlist Team Horse Pilot on Spotify.


Many thanks to Yaëlle for this interview. A new presentation is coming soon 😊