Why do you ride? First episode with Aurélie de Mévius

11 May 2021 ,,

Why do you ride? – Episode 01

‘Why do you ride?’ is a series of films during which we meet up with inspiring riders, who share the same values we have and who we wanted you to discover.

Imagining the future of riding also means building the most comprehensive vision possible of the sport: the sport that is horse riding, which takes us beyond our comfort zone, and forces us to challenge ourselves, constantly. With this in mind, we met up with our riders, to share their passion, to understand their vision of riding and to see what drives them on a daily basis, in terms of their relationship with the horses and of sporting performance. 


Aurélie de Mévius - horsmanship

meeting up with aurélie de mévius


Why do you ride’ is about Horse Pilot meeting up with Aurélie de Mévius, a committed rider. After training in Horsemanship (or ethology) in the United States with Pat Parelli, Aurélie moved to Belgium, where she created the fabulous premises at Aquila Farm.

The horsemanship is better known as ‘ethology’ in Europe. It is a work method based on the study of animal behavior in its natural habitat or domestic environment. Known as a work philosophy, the main goal of horsemanship is to improve the sport performances of the horse thanks to a deep understanding of the animal behavior.


Why do you ride

the freedom to do things differently


Why do you ride’ takes you to a beautiful, inspiring and functional location. An environment where the relationship between horse and human is reinvented every day. A mindset that pushes you to go beyond your own limits.  

Aquila Farm is an inspiring place that we notice first for its unusual architecture. But it is first and foremost a project where the horse’s wellbeing is the focus, a place that allows freedom of expression. It is by observing the horse in its natural habitat that we can draw conclusions on its mental and physical behavior.

It is then a different, visionary and committed approach of horse riding that Aurélie wants to pass on and that we want to share with you today.


Aquila Farm

relationships that create performance


Horses are the mirror of Man, and they have much to teach us. Opposed in the way of thinking, the relationship between Man and animal is as private as complex.

Listening, understanding, sharing, communicating, humility, respect.  All of these are values that we need to foster every day around the horses, creating a unique and delicate relationship with the animal.

It’s a relationship that invites us to rediscover ourselves.  Whether in terms of the relationship or of the sport, the horse provides us with strength that we don’t possess.  It pushes us every day to be a better person.


bien-être du cheval