The Teknit Boot, an Eco-Designed equestrian boot

26 July 2022 ,

The Teknit Boot: an eco-designed riding boot


A women’s riding boot combining comfort, performance and functionality. The Teknit Boot is a new concept of equestrian boot with a positive footprint for the planet.

“One size fits all”, an eco-concept

From a rider’s point of view, we are looking for equestrian boots that fit our own leg. That they fit all morphologies is not a criterion of choice. However, from the planet’s point of view, having a product that fits all body types is a real game changer. The concept of One Size Fits All makes it possible to divide by 15 the number of references per size and there is then less stock, transport and waste of raw materials.
size transport optimization Le relais

A reduced box size

This is one of the significant advantages of the Teknit Boot, the space saving is considerable. The absence of animal material in the design of this riding boot allows it to be rolled on itself. No more shoe trees or large boxes to store and transport the Teknit Boot. This gain in volume of approximately 120% compared to a classic pair of riding boots has a direct impact on several stages of the product’s life cycle.

We are talking about a reduction of packaging, a reduction of transported volumes, a limited storage space in factories, in Horse Pilot warehouses and in saddleries. It contributes to a more responsible life cycle while keeping an important ergonomic and practical aspect.
optimisation stockage botte d'équitation

The 3d knit, the guarantee of the zero waste

3D Knit is a textile technology that consists in weaving a product directly from the thread without going through the fabric. It allows to obtain different characteristics and different shapes without any sewing and with the use of a single material. The creation of waste during the manufacture of textile products is a major source of pollution and we are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact by optimizing cuts.

For the Teknit Boot, the 3D printing-knitting process starts directly from the yarn to the final product. This way we avoid material cuts that result in fabric scraps that ultimately end up in the trash. With the exception of a few threads, this manufacturing technique allows us to achieve the goal of zero waste during production.

The Teknit Boot is designed without using animal skin

We know that horseback riding is a sport that uses a lot of leather from animals. So we wanted to propose a totally vegan product, without animal skin. The 3D Knit material (the one that surrounds the leg and the ankle) is made of 63% recycled polyester. The outside of the foot contains 40% recycled polyester and the inner linings are 100% recycled or bio-sourced. The barcode label is made from water-based. The cleaning bag is 100% recycled polyester.

The packaging box is 100% recycled cardboard and the interior printing is soy-based. Everything that makes up the Teknit Boot comes from a well thought-out eco-design to reduce our impact on the environment while having a high-performance product that lasts over time.

Equitana Innovation Award

We are proud to announce that the Teknit Boot has won the innovation award at the Equitana horse show. This is one of the most prestigious international awards in the equestrian sector. We created Horse Pilot to imagine the future of horse riding. 10 years later, it is the same desire that drives us every day. Equitana

Equitana Innovation Award

The Teknit Boot and this prize are the sign that we are on the right way of the alliance between eco-conception and innovation.