Anne-France, After Sales Service & customisation Manager

9 June 2021 ,

The Horse Pilot Team’s presentation go on. Today it is Anne-France‘s turn, After-sales Service and Customisation Manager at Horse Pilot to answer our questions. Discover through her interview the person who gives a second chance to your clothes.✂️




My name is Anne-France and I am 38 years old. I have been married 15 years and I have 3 kids.

After my high school diploma, I did a master’s degree in Management of Sports companies in tourism industry. I started my career in a travel agency where I was mainly responsible for tourist groups. I worked there for several years.

When my second child was born, I took a maternity leave that gave me the opportunity to build my own company of clothes for children. Then after five years spent in my workshop, I wanted to work in a team again and to make good use of my skills!

I went back to teamwork thanks to Horse Pilot! I have been working there for 3 years now and I am responsible for the After-sales Service, the customisation of show jackets but also for the printing on clothes and their repair.

Your role at Horse Pilot


As the After-sales Service and Customisation Manager, I am responsible for the BtoC and BtoB customer service (returns / exchanges / After-sales Service).

In addition to that role, I make all the customization of show jackets internally, I also repair broken seams or zip on your clothes and I am responsible for the printing on clothes.

To sum up, my main mission is your complete satisfaction!

Your relationship to horseback riding


Horseback riding entered my 2 daughters’ life before mine! They have been passionate about it for 5 years now and they take part in the daily life of an equestrian center in Genech. When I heard that Horse Pilot wanted to hire a new Pilot to handle the After-sales Service and the customization, I took the opportunity!

A little fact: when I joined the Horse Pilot team, my friends offered me 5 riding lessons. As I had never been on a horse before, I was nervous about these lessons. I did all of them and I really enjoyed trotting and galloping… until the moment where my horse was stung by a horsefly and he went crazy, galloping hell for leather in the arena! Rodeo or bull riding, you can call it what you want but I had the fright of a lifetime. Since then, I stay out of the arena and I prefer watching my daughters ride.



Your passion for sport


Sport has always been part of my life. My great passion was rock climbing, sport that I practiced for 9 years: I even took part in France championships. Today, it is more about running and hiking, but I keep on practicing rock climbing from time to time during Summer.

your favorite Horse Pilot outfit


I love the Suntech, the Optimax t-shirt and the Essential jacket. I wear them very easily during my outdoor activities.

Your inspiring quote


« With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, we can get everything! »

– Buxton

Your favorite music


  • Imany – You will never know
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper – Californication
  • Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
  • M – Machistador