Summer performances.

3 September 2018

The end of summer is fast approaching, the time to take stock of the latest achievements of our ambassadors who, throughout the summer, have not ceased to make us dream. Jumping, eventing… back to the months of July and August under the sign of performance!

At the highest level, they are present.

Chantilly, Dinard, London, Hickstead, Dublin… our Pilots had many 5* tracks as playgrounds until the middle of August. Not surprisingly, we found them repeatedly at the top of the results tables.

In Chantilly, Cédric Angot opened the ball with a great victory followed by fifth place in the Grand Prix. Three weeks later, the Frenchman will repeat in Dinard with, again, a first position but also a fifth.

At the Global Champions Tour de Chantilly too, our Airbag ambassador Jérôme Guery finished fourth in a speed class before repeating a fast course at the Global of London, on the same class format, and finishing third.

On the other side of the “Manche”, it was Shane Breen and François Mathy Jr who made their mark at the CSIO in Hickstead.
Result? One win each, added to three other good rankings for the Irish.
The latter did not stop there because a few days later, he brilliantly won the coveted Dublin Derby before adding another 5* ranking to his list at the end of the weekend.

jumping de valence, You said performance ?

These last two weeks and as every year, the Haras des Grillons has been the scene of fifteen days of competitions that signed the end of the summer period.

HP Bloc 2 FR

In Olympic form since the beginning of the season, Harold Boisset has not disappointed us by winning two 4* races on the first weekend and then taking a third place in the second, this time with the 5* label. Present at all levels, the talented Montpellier native also won the Grand Prix 2*.

François Mathy Jr did not go unnoticed either in the south of France. The Belgian has also returned to the stables with two pole positions added to his list, a 4* and a 5*, but also a ninth place 4* and a fifth in the 5* label.

Still in his legendary good mood, Olivier Robert finished second on a 4* track and seventh the following week in a 5* event.

Guillaume Foutrier and Shane Breen performed during the 4* weekend: a third and a sixth position for the first, a second for the second.

Our headliners don’t have to worry, the next generation is on the move! At twenty-four, Romain Dreyfus follows in the footsteps of his elders with three podiums in the three events reserved for riders under twenty-five. He won the first two before taking second place on the Grand Prix podium.

For her part, Victoire Echelard offered herself, in July, the title of Young Riders French Champion.

HP Bloc 3 EN

eventing : and four for french team !

By brilliantly winning Millstreet’s CICO 3* and thus making a major contribution to the team competition, Thomas Carlile enabled the French team to win their fourth Nations Cup of the year !

During the three other victorious stages, the French team could count each time on Maxime Livio, notably at the Haras du Pin where he led the competition individually from start to finish! Meanwhile, Thomas also took the CIC 2* victory.

CSI 3*, 2*…

?Charles-Henri Fermé

A 2nd place at the CSI 3* in Dinard.

? Félicie Bertrand

A nice 3rd position then a victory, also in Dinard.

? Cédric Angot

He won a race at the CSI 3* in Saint-Lô then finished 2nd in the Grand Prix.

? Olivier Robert

A pole position also in Saint-Lô then he climbed on the 3rd step of the podium of the Grand Prix.

? Tony Hanquiquant

He also took second place at the Pôle Hippique de Saint-Lô.

?Jérôme Guery

He finished first in two events at the CSI 2* in Auvers.

?Guillaume Foutrier

Three times 3rd at the CSI 3* of Courlans – Lons-le-Saunier.

?Harold Boisset 

Again and again a victory, in Courlans too.


From east to west and north to south, the Horse Pilot team is in great shape this season! We are proud to see you wearing our colours so high, a big bravo to all!


© Info Jumping / Marion Gergely