Pilots dominate the circuit

11 April 2018

Tracks around the world have welcomed our Pilots to become their playground. Lovers of challenges, on their favorite playgrounds, our ambassadors knew how to face their cards. Back on the last performances of our riders…


In the south, the temperature is rising !

Grégory Cottard almost privatized the podiums of the CSI 2* of Villeneuve-Loubet. Twice victorious in  Grand Prix, he also placed second and third. He know how to respond to every appointment!


Our Pilots have added the results at Cagnes-sur-Mer. Romain Dreyfus won just as Félicie Bertrand distinguished herself on the various prize giving ceremonies without forgetting to climb on the highest step of podiums in her turn. Philippe Rozier took second place on an other 3* podium, leaving no doubt about his Olympic title.


Further west in France, Maxime Livio took the fifth place in the CIC 2* in Tartas.


HP FB Anglais

From the capital to provincial lands

Under the glass roof of the Grand Palais, Philippe Rozier was crowned in Paris after winning the 5* label of the Hermès Sellier Prize. Cédric Angot also stands out at the prize giving ceremony, notably with a fine third place per team in the 5* Saut Hermès side prize at 1.60m. Our last tricolor Pilot to have taken part in the Parisian event is none other than Olivier Robert. In his navy blue jacket, he multiplies rankings throughout the weekend and finishes fifth in the Grand Prix Hermès.


Charles-Henri Fermé was elected “best rider” of the Mâcon competition for his two victories, his third place and his many other classifications.


Marnes-la-Coquette hosted the second stage of the Grand National circuit, Cédric Angot took advantage of the situation to finish third in the Grand Prix. In order not to lose their good habits, Grégory Cottard and Charles-Henri Fermé have assigned themselves the head of the classification of their respective classes.


On the eventing side, Maxime Livio does us another honour by winning the Pro Elite class at the Grand National de Saumur.


HP visuel n°2 Anglais


Beyond the french borders

Guillaume Foutrier was present at Bonheiden and aligned the prize giving ceremony with a fifth place in the 3* Grand Prix. Our national Gregory Cottard did not slacken the pace and offered himself another victory before taking the direction of Lanaken where he finished third twice.

If there’s one other Frenchrider who doesn’t slow down the pace, it’s Harold Boisset. In Arezzo, he distances his opponents with notably three victories and a second place on the 3* class.


HP visuel GC Anglais


The results of our Pilots still encourage our intuitions for the rest of the season. Keep on making us dream, you have all our confidence !


© photo : Eloïse Durand – Séverine Moronval