Pauline, Community & Media Manager at Horse Pilot

27 October 2020

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Usually at the initiative of these interviews, today it’s the turn of Pauline, Community & Media Manager at Horse Pilot to answer the questions. Discover through her interview the backstages of our communication department 📲


Hi, I’m Pauline. I’m 24 years old and I come from Dijon in Burgundy. For more than a year now, I have lived in the south of France, where the Marketing & Communications department of Horse Pilot is located. After my high school diploma, I graduated from the University of Burgundy with a Bachelor’s degree in Language, Information and Communications Sciences. After that, I graduated with a Master’s degree in International Communications Strategies. After a 6-month internship in the luxury hotel industry on the French Riviera, I did my 5th year in sandwich course in an American company based in Valence. After these both personally and professionally very enriching experiences, I joined the Horse Pilot Team in July 2019.

your role at horse pilot


I’m Community & Media Manager. I am in charge of the digital communications of the brand: social networks, media, influence marketing, internal communications. I also have a look at our ambassador’s communications. I attend some events too to offer you content, stories and interviews.

Pauline, Community & Media Manager at Horse Pilot

your relationship to horse riding


I started riding at the age of 6 and competing at 10. After several years of competing in eventing, I specialized in dressage. I started the “Tournée des As” in the Children category at the age of 14. Then it was time to switch from ponies to horses and I got Quito, a 6 years old horse then  that I still have today. After a few competitions, we quickly returned to the Tournée des As. In 2017, a few years of work and maturity later… We had the chance to participate in the Pro 3/Pro 2 / Young Riders tests. We finished the year with a 5th rank at the International of Saumur.

In the meantime, I always kept jumping at home. Then, the priority was given to my studies with my entry in a Master’s program. Today, I keep riding (almost) every day and my lovely horse enjoys the sun of La Ciotat.


your passion for sports


In addition to horse riding, I have always practiced other sports. Running, indoor sports… This year, due to a bad horse fall, I am away from all of that but I can’t wait to start again.

your favorite horse pilot outfit


My favorite products… If I had to choose an outfit it would be the Suntech, the Storm jacket and the X-Design breeches. There is also the Essential jacket for the “coldest” days in La Ciotat.

your inspiring quote


« It is the passion which you live your life with that determines the importance of your accomplishments. »

your favorite sounds


God’s Plan – Drake
Like a Virgin – Madonna
L’adresse – 47 Ter
Sweetener – Ariana Grande
Candide Crush – Therapy Taxi



You can discover them in the playlist de la Team Horse Pilot on Spotify.


Thanks to Pauline for this interview. 😊