Nomados Project – Follow Harold and Danaë in their Adventure through Latino Amercias

11 January 2019 ,

Who are they?

Both from Belguim, Danaé is 24.

A graduate in biomediacal sciences and environmental management, she is involved in humanitarian and ecological causes throughout her studies. He is also a seasoned photographer as shown by his photo gallery, taken during his travels;

Harold is 24 too, he has a degree in management engineering. Passionate about sports, travel and videography, he had to quickly learn to ride before leaving for Latin America, scheduled for 4 February 2019.

What is their project?

“Travelling on horseback like nomads for more than 1000 km from February to July 2019 in North Argentina”

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We are proud to equip this new project in 2019 and we hope it will fascinate you as much as we do! Harold and Danaé produced beautiful videos during the preparation of their adventure. You can find them all on their YouTube channel or on the homepage of their website:

All their videos are subtitled!