How to choose your riding equipment according to the season?

18 May 2021 ,

We ride horses whatever the weather. If some have the chance to be able to practice in a school on sunny or rainy days, it is not always the case. Therefore, sometimes it can be difficult to choose what to wear. This is why we decided to show you some looks according to the season.

During winter, use the multilayer system


How to choose your riding equipment in winter

For the winter season, the multilayer system protects you from bad weather while regulating the body temperature.

Goal: choose clothing layers according to the weather conditions and the intensity of the effort.

So the idea is to place 3 different layers on top of each other : the first one is used to regulate the sweating, the second one allows you to keep warm and the third one protects you from the cold, the wind and/or the rain while being breathable.

The Optimax T-shirt is an excellent first layer. As it is directly in contact with your skin, it wicks efficiently the sweat away and dries quickly thanks to its Thermoregulation technology. Then, you can add the Hybrid Tempest as a second layer. It is both breathable and insulating.

This combination, allowing to wick the sweat away and to insulate, is a very effective thermal protection base for winter.

Concerning the third layer, which is the first protection against bad weather, it has to be chosen according to the training conditions.

If you have to face the wind and the rain

Opt for the Element 3-layer jacket, which has been designed to withstand bad weather conditions. It is the most protective and breathable jacket of the collection. It integrates a 3in1 system that allows you to add the Rider Vest sleeveless jacket for additional warmth.

If you have to brave the cold

Choose the Essential jacket. Warm and breathable, it has an insulating lining for your training during cold weather.

However, if the cold is very intense, the Fahrenheit jacket will allow you to stay warm to spend the day at the stables. Thanks to its Coldblock insulation, the jacket is the warmest of the collection while remaining breathable.

To protect your lower body

the multilayer system can be used too.

The X-Balance Winter breeches offer an efficient thermal protection against the cold thanks to its detachable dungaree-style bib and its brushed fleece interior lining. For additional warmth, you can wear the Optimax Tights under your breeches. It is an efficient first layer.

To protect you from the rain

you can also choose a X-Design breeches protected by a X-Protech.

Finally, the compression socks for winter allow you to keep your feet warm. To complete your look when you are not riding, you can add a beanie to protect your ears from the cold.

The multilayer system is an essential system to choose your equipment for winter but also for middle seasons like Spring or Fall.

During the spring season, protect yourself from unexpected temperatures


How to choose your riding equipment in spring

Temperatures often vary during the spring

If they tend to be higher than during the winter, they are still fresh. This is why it is important to have an outfit adapted for any weather conditions. According to the temperature and the intensity of the training, you might have to add or remove a layer to have the thermal comfort and protection level needed.

The Tempest sweatshirt with the Rider Vest on top of it is an ideal outfit for this season. The sweatshirt is both insulating and breathable, so you can have a great training during cool weather. The jacket brings additional warmth and you can remove it if you are too hot.

For hail showers during March

The Rain Free jacket will be your ally. Light, it protects the rider from rain on the most exposed parts of the body: head, shoulders, arms and chest. Thanks to the Thermoregulation technology, it ensures a great breathability.

Concerning the breeches, you can choose between the X-Design or the X-Balance according to your taste : with or without grip. You can wear the Compression Socks, that have the Compression technology, to stimulate blood circulation and limit the risk of stiffness.

During summer, choose light and breathable looks


How to choose your riding equipment in summer

The summer and its strong heat sometimes make an ordeal for the horses’ riders.

The idea is then to opt for light and breathable outfits to have more comfort during practice. 

The Ariia polo is a light and breathable clothing item, specially designed for training during hot weather. Thanks to its Thermoregulation technology, it wicks the sweat away and dries fast for an optimal comfort. You can then opt for the X-Tailor breeches because its material is light and thin, but remains opaque.

This look will allow you to enjoy your training without being too hot.

For men, the new unisex Atlas polo, with its stretch and very breathable material, is an amazing polo for training during sunny days. For the breeches, the X-Design remain a classic. Versatile and breathable, they protect from UV-rays, making them ideal for riding sessions during summer.

There is another essential feature: to protect the rider from harmful radiation from the sun.

Women can protect themselves from the sun, without being too hot, thanks to the Suntech, designed to protect from UV-rays, thanks to our UV-Block technology. 2 materials are used to make this long sleeves T-shirt : one for the UV protection and its quick drying, the other to boost air circulation. This is the ideal item for women’s training during hot weather. The X-Design breeches, which also use the UV-Block technology, will allow you to protect you from the sun. The light colors being great allies when the sun is out, favor light colors like ‘hunter’ to be less warm.

For accessories, Light socks allow the rider to have better comfort when temperatures are high. Besides, do not forget the cap when you are not on horseback to avoid sunstroke.

During the fall


How to choose your riding equipment in fall

During the fall, favor versatility

When the leaves start to fall as well as the temperature, you might favor versatile clothing layers, for both breathability and bad weather protection.

To equip yourself against varying weather conditions, you can wear the Optimax T-shirt as a first layer with a Storm jacket on top of it, as a second thermal layer. With the Thermoregulation technology, this jacket combine warmth and breathability for exercising in cool weather. A drawcord at the hem allows you to regulate the amount of air that gets inside the jacket depending on the wind or temperature.

For the coolest days, the Essential jacket protects the rider against the cold, the wind and the rain. It is a very versatile layer.

If the wind blows, choose the Wind Free jacket as a third layer. This light windbreaker jacket can be worn on foot or on horseback.

Again, the choice of the breeches depends on your taste between X-Design or the X-Balance. For this season, favor darker colors. For men, the X-Design breeches are versatile, breathable and UV-Block.

For accessories, you can add the Tempest collar when the weather is colder during your training. This neckwarmer fits easily under a jacket, providing extra warmth. 


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