Harold Boisset, a multitask “Pilot”!

10 November 2017

High level horse riding, teaching but also event organization, the rider is involved in various activities. A few days after the CSI 3 * Montpellier which he was the host, let’s meet with Harold Boisset.

A millimetric organization!

After a classic start at the equestrian center of Grammont near Montpellier, Harold always had the ambition to invest in the club. From the training of owner riders, he has gradually developed his career as a top athlete and today be one of the best Pilots in the hexagon.
“My functioning didn’t change except that I go more and more far for the competitions so I am today assisted. As soon as I am at home, I train the riders and horses of the equestian center with a real pleasure.”


“I have been used to doing many things at the same time, so it is normal for me to have this system. In the end, I think I would not like to be only a professional rider. For me, there is obviously the work factor that comes into play to do competition but also the psychological factor. My functioning allows me to clear my mind. When the sports side is not looking good, there is still the rest to not lose face. I like and I need to touch everything. ”

A new challenge in 2017 :  The comeback of the montpellier 3* CSI! 

“We have very good relations with the city and they contacted us to resuscitate this competition which had not taken place since 2011.
As the organization of competitions is not our first job, we have called on sports event specialists for the logistics aspect.
Beyond the supervision, some things were important to me as a rider like the choice of the classes, the fences … I wanted to bring my touch with what I know best. ”

A remarkable memory? a striking meeting ? A dream horse?

“I hope to be at the beginning of my career so that my great exploits have not passed yet (laughs).”
When he started the international competitions, Harold trained with the rider who became Olympic, Kévin Staut, whose rigor is now legendary. “I have always been a great competitor but a little rough. Kevin gave me a real frame and inspired me by his righteousness. He is a machine, he come up to do amazing things with horses who, for me, are not necessarily the bests of the circuit! ”


“A horse I would have dreamed of riding? I love the energetic horses, I do not care about the size, so among the greatest champions, I would say Hickstead (already six years that the crack of Eric Lamaze left us, ed) or Itôt du Château (the incredible chestnut of Edwina Tops Alexander, ed).
Today, a mare that makes me want even if she is in 5 * level is Sultane des Ibis (under the saddle of our ambassador Félicie Bertrand, ed). I really like Quidam de Revel products .”

2018 : An important year !

With high level mares, Quolita Z and T’obetty du Domaine, in great shape and a promising new generation, the rider aims to tread upon more and more 5* arenas.
“The horses will rest a bit until February when we will re-attack the competitions. The coming year is going to be very interesting because I will be able to evaluate if my unit is big enough to continue on the long term in 5*. The turnover is very good between the two top level mares, Verone de la Roque who is a very good eight years mare and the young horses who made a top season. (Katinka vh Valenberghof finished third in the French seven-year horse championship).

“I love fishing”

Rider but not only, Harold confide us to be passionate for the sport in general but especially for the fishing.
“In competition, as soon as there is a river, I go fishing. I do not really hurt the fish because I do not catch a lot but just being next to water and throwing the fishing rod makes me laugh. ”

And horse pilot in all of that? 

“I follow the brand since the beginning because I know Guillaume (Guillaume Janin, co-founder of Horse Pilot, ed) since childhood. I was immediately seduced by the design of the first jacket with elbow patches, an originality that did not exist in the equestrian world. The materials and cuts are really adapted to the practice of our sport with an innovative style: flashy colors associated with more sober, zips across … I am captivated. ”


With many different hats while managing to perform at the highest level, we can say that Harold Boisset is an accomplished rider and man with a vision focused on the future and the modernity.


© photos : Info Jumping / Cécile Cabre