François Mathy Jr, our unmisssable red jacket !

8 September 2017

Since the beginning of the year, our “Pilot” François Mathy Jr is in full of ascent. Thirteen times in top 5 of 4 and 5 star shows including three victories at the highest level, his prize list grows for our greatest pride!
Come Back on the past months and the ambitions of the rider.

The end of the outdoor season is approaching:

With a new group of horses under construction, the “pilot” find that “the season is going well”. A year that started well with several points for the Longines Ranking List at the Costa del Sol Tour (Mijas).
“Very good things from the beginning for Casanova and Uno as for Falco, who is competitive on 1.45m.This good results during the first quarter allowed me to access some beautiful CSIO. The 4* of Linz was one of them, I won three times, then there was St. Gallen, I left with two victories.”
Then we found the Belgian at the CSI 5 * of Valence at the beginning of August and finally on the official of Spain labeled 5 *. New performances that have confirmed the good shape of the red jacket.
“I am very happy with my horses, Casanova and Uno are still young, and I hopes last year that they will be competitive this season on the major competitions and they have confirmed their capabilities. However, I don’t want to force them too much because they are only nine years old and although they are often considered to have reached maturity at this age, I maintain that we must not go too fast between eight and nine years old so as not to risk destroying the work done so far. “

New heads SOON in your stables? New objectives?

Hp FMJ 3 EN “Cassis van de Kranenburg has just joined the team, he has already shown all his potential especially in Gijon with a beautiful third place on 1.40m. It is a horse that will be very good to support Casanova and Uno.Concerning my objectives, I do not really have a program but my first goal is the World Cup shows this winter and to take part of some Nations Cups in the medium term. My Belgian colleagues are all very performing this year so we will see.

Winter is coming…

The cold, the fatigue … we wondered how he kept his motivation throughout the year:

“When the horses are going well and when you have the chance to take part of nice shows there is not much need to force yourself (laughs). When it goes a little less well, we refocus on other things that matter to us, children, for example. “There is not only fences in life, there are other important things.”
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A healthy mind in a healthy body ?

“I’ve always done a lot of sport, I’ve been doing squash and running before. I have a certain size so I can’t put on weight, I do a bit of spinning* for cardio. I like all sports, I keep myself in shape.”

About Horse Pilot ?

“I love the brand because it constantly innovates and always offer new products and improvements of the first versions of the products. The airbag jacket for example (Editor’s note: InMotion, discover it by clicking here), it is a product that will be very successful. I am convinced that it will become essential in the future. Except the products, the dynamisn, the young and innovative spirit of the team is something I like very much.


“Francois Mathy Jr”, a name to remember and to follow …


*Practiced in a group or individually, spinning is a concept combining rhythmic music and fixed bike.