Covid-19, All Together

23 March 2020

Like everybody else, we were affected by the call for help regarding the lack of masks. To help face up to this complex situation, at our level, we took the decision to start production of washable masks, made from the materials of our products.

Following the directives of the DDPP (departmental delegation for the protection of populations) and the patronage of the Grenoble University Hospital, a prototype was created in 2 hours. Horse Pilot, it’s also a team of partners who set up a mask production line in 24 hours.

The first 400 masks are on their way to our warehouses. Production will continue to supply us regularly.

These masks are not for hospitals, but for all those in need: caregivers, including those providing home care, truckers who supply food warehouses, police officers working to ensure containment is respected, staff who continue to provide public services… They will of course be distributed for free and in order of priority. Then, we will make them available to stable managers and their staff to protect them. They are obliged to go to work every day to take care of our horses…

These masks should be washed daily at a minimum of 30 degrees with conventional detergent.

A huge thank you to Kelly and Wayne from Oceanus/Ornament for the human and responsible values we share. We can only be impressed by the work they have done. Many thanks to the whole team.


— The Horse Pilot Team