Clarance Gendron, a talent to follow

26 April 2018 ,

Clarance Gendron fell into equestrian at a very young age and can no longer imagine herself anywhere else but in the horse world. From club rider to professional, our Pilot is dedicated to her childhood dreams. Her place is on a saddle and she knows how to give herself the means to stay there.
With a scientific baccalaureate in her pocket, she embarked on this sporting adventure with heart and determination. Meeting with a rider who dreams today of the European Young Riders Championships…

“I like to organize my future.”

HP: What kind of rider are you?

CG: In one word: optimistic. I always try to see the positive and move forward, beyond the difficulties. I live day by day. It’s  something that doesn’t always match very well with my anticipatory and ambitious side (laughs)! I like to organize my future, plan my life.
 I am “gaga” of my horses. Mine, like those of my owners, I’m very attached to them. I know the difference with my trade horses but they don’t just stay 3 or 4 months: it counts in years! So I love them.

CG Ang 1

HP : How did you get in the stirrup?

CG : I started riding at the age of four in a pony club near my home.
I always loved animals!
As early as college, horseback riding was a real passion and in my head I was already thinking, “I’ll do this later.” When I reached the Amateur level, I met Pierre de Backer who still coaches me today. At his side I deal with the dressage, it’s the true basis of the equitation. Then I worked with Alexandra Francart for two seasons and with Clément Boulanger. Now, I am settled in new structures, at the Haras de la Chesnaye in Deauville where I am coached by Duarte Romao.

HP : Could you give us your best memory(s) in competition?

CG : First there is this seventh place with Reine des Ponts in the Grand Prix 1.50m of the Grand National of Montfort-sur-Meu in 2017. A very good memory even if the best one memory is Rodrigo’s victory in Saint-Lô in the Grand Prix 1* the same year.

HP : Tell us a bit about your horses?

CG : There is Reine des Ponts, so far my head mare. An atypical and warlike mare thanks to whom I am here today. Moreover, she will withdraw from the competition gradually, she has already given well. Rodrigo is my “chouchou”, a real clown! He is gently preparing to face classes at 1m40. Gigant B is Julien Anquetin’s ex-horse and I intend to make him my Grand Prix horse. He should soon relay Reine. My latest recruit, Azura Z would also make a good head mare, she is really top ! My little five years old, Domino des Broches will be the future Rodrigo, he has a bigger heart than him!

HP : Do you have a particular type of horse?

CG : Yes, Rodrigo (laughs)! I like horses with balance, light in the mouth with a little hot-headed.

“I just want to be a rider.”


“I just want to be a rider”

HP : What are your short and long term projects?

CG : This year, I wish more than anything to participate at the European Young Riders Championships in Fontainebleau.
In the long term, I don’t want to set up on my own, I just want to be a rider, to have the same functioning as Félicie Bertrand I think ! And if we’re talking about the very long term…. Do the Olympic Games? I think everyone does.

“Concentrate and perform”

HP : Do you practice other sports?

CG : I love running and going to the gym several times a week when I can. It’s important to me to see something else and take care of yourself. I hate running off the track out of breath, that’s why I started running. By working your cardio you no longer feel tiredness on the track, you can concentrate and perform better.


HP : Tell us about how you work, how do you train your horses?

CG : I like to participate in the training courses of the French Equestrian Society supervised by Laurent Elias, for the young horses it’s the top ! Otherwise to train my horses I apply myself to reproduce the exercises that Luciana Diniz post online. At home, it’s gymnastics and technicality, I never jump very big.

HP : Which rider are you looking at with five stars in your eyes?

CG : Luciana Diniz without hesitation. Her sense of gallop, her naturalness, her lightness, her respect with her horses… And then Fit For Fun what!

HP : And Horse Pilot in all this? Do you have any essentials maybe?

CG : The combination between design, aesthetics, technique: I am a fan! The fact that the products are inspired by other sports and rethought for riders is great. The clothes are breathable and comfortable, I never get bored of them.
 Essentials? Of course my red competition jacket, I always had it and I will not part with it. As for the air-bag vest, its flat cartridge that does not bother the rider, the jacket that fits with : nothing to say ! It is important as a professional to be able to be well protected, we cannot afford to break in high season and let our horses…


With this feeling of security, the young rider is ready to take off again more beautifully on the competition grounds. We will meet Clarance Gendron on the international tracks of Mantes-La-Jolie with Rodrigo, Gigant B, Azura Z and Sirius de Bavoz this weekend. Then direction the Classic Grand Prix of Fontainebleau early May with Gigant B and Azura Z.


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