Aurélien, Co-founder and Marketing Manager at Horse Pilot

19 January 2022 ,

Horse Pilot Team will soon have no more secrets for you. It is Aurélien’s turn, Co-founder and Marketing Manager at Horse Pilot, to answer our questions.



My name is Aurélien GUILLON, I’m 39 years old, father of 2 children. Born in the North of France, I have been living in the South of the country, in La Ciotat for almost 20 years now. I’m slowly getting the accent! My educational background is quite classical but it did not prevent me from having fun. First a scientific high school diploma, then a University Institute of Technology, an international business school in Barcelona and finally a business school in Marseille. I still managed to work on a wonderful sailboat for a year, around the world, in the middle of my studies. This experience gave me amazing memories that had a huge influence on the rest of my career and especially on Horse Pilot. I then worked for 6 years in sailing, in Saint Mandrier, with a boss who became a friend. I have learnt a lot on the sea and on passion jobs. Besides, even though it was already in me since my teenage years, I think that is when my entrepreneurial spirit definitely materialized.

Your role at horse pilot


I am one of the three Co-founder of the brand with Simon and Guillaume. Today, all three of us are operational in the company. Even though each one of us has his field of expertise, we often work together and we try to make the important decisions together. It involves different opinions, animated debates and regular compromises. But today that’s also what makes our trio so rich. An association is like a couple but without reconciliation under the blankets! In addition to the role of executive that all three of us have, I am the Marketing and Digital Manager at Horse Pilot. It is a job that fascinates me with significant growth challenges.

Phrase Aurélien

your relationship to horseback riding

I have been a rider since I was a kid. I spent my childhood and my teenage years with horses. This gave me a framework when I was young and probably helped me to less mess around. I have kept very good memories and great experiences as a teenager. It’s a sport that pushes us to give a lot, whether in terms of commitment or excelling ourselves. But it’s also a sport that brings a lot of sensations and feelings. Sometimes it gives the impression that we live faster. I don’t know if it’s due to the horses, the time we spent there, the friends we made thanks to them or maybe a bit of everything but I’ve always found that it’s a whole different sport.

your passion for sports


I’m the kind of person who tries everything in terms of sport. Our passion for sport is one of the origins of the brand. A lot of sports on and underwater, everything to do with sailing, board sports, mountain sports, cycling, trail running, and a little bit of crossfit. However I’m a disaster concerning all sports involving rackets and balls.

your favorite horse pilot outfit


I really like versatility, unexpected and discoveries so I have to admit that I always have a Storm Jacket, a Windfree and an Element in my car trunk. With that on hand at all times, I feel ready for any adventure. A little feeling of freedom.

your inspiring quote

À l’arrière des Berlines, osez, osez Joséphine !
It’s a song from Bashung that I loved singing in the office without really understanding the meaning. As I was annoying everyone by singing it all the time, the team gave me a T-shirt with this sentence written on the front. But I still had to understand what it meant. So I listened again to the lyrics and I discovered that it’s an hymn to female freedom and to freedom itself. That makes sense to me. Dare, dare before life flies !

your favorite sounds


I won’t put Bashung again! At this time I’m listening to :

  • Citizen Cope
  • Frazey Ford
  • Coco Rosie
  •  Démission – Vilars, that I like a lot in form as well as in substance.

You can discover them in the playlist Team Horse Pilot on Spotify.


Many thanks to Aurélien for this interview. A new presentation is coming soon 😊